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View the schedule for this season: Hatha for any level, Aerial yoga, and more.

Fall Yoga Workshops

Chakras 7 Week Series

Release, awaken and energize your chakras
The 7 Chakras are the energy centers in our body in which energy flows through. Each week will focus on a specific chakras, what they mean in our lives, where they are located and what asanas you can practice to stimulate and balance them.

chakras workshop October 2 - November 13
$60.00 for the series
Individual classes @ $15.00

Meditation 101

Nirvana of the Mind
Meditation 101 is designed to provide a gentle introduction to the foundations of meditation for beginners. In this 2 hour workshop, you will come to understand meditation and how to bring it into your own life through practical applications, and you will receive extra support and guidance from our facilitators.

yoga workshop December 6th

The Art of Hand Mudras

Mudras are positions of the hands and body that effect the energy of the body, or the mood. The hands have over 2,000 nerve endings. Positioning the hands in specific postures, evokes different responses from the nervous system, from invigorating, to calming, and many moods in between. Join us in a 2 hour workshop explaining and experiencing how Mudras evolved alongside the asanas.

yoga mudras workshop December 5th

Train with the Teacher of Teachers! Suzanne Hennig, E-RYT, ISKA, PTS, MBS, PMI

A Registered (E-RYT 500) Yoga Teacher and Teacher Training School Registered with the International Yoga Alliance and Pilates Mat Instructor (PMI) with East to West Yoga and Pilates Inc. Suzanne has also attained several Certifications with Can-Fit-Pro as a Personal Trainer, Mind and Body Fitness Specialistand is an International Sport Kickboxing Associate Trainer.

For over 25 years she has been a part of the health and fitness industry working with athletes, instructors and clients from all walks of life. Suzanne is well known for her dynamic personality and innovative hands-on teaching style. This is indicated in winning the prestigious “Reader’s Choice Get Out There Magazine’s Best Yoga Studio in Ontario Award for the past 3 years!

Thank you so much for making our training so much fun! You are an exceptional trainer and an amazing person. - Donna & Linda